Tales and Ales’ stories are all TRUE, as remembered by the storyteller. And the story must be YOURS to tell. Your involvement in the events as they unfold is essential.


Tales and Ales’ stories must have a HOOK. Every good story has action and the action must have consequences. Think about what the conflict is. How did the conflict or outcome shape you? What was gained or lost?


Tales and Ales’ stories must be on TIME: Do your best to keep your Tales and Ales’ story to 8 minutes.


Please AVOID:

how-tos, lectures, fiction, rants, insults and f-bombs.


Please DO: Make us root for you. Paint a scene. Be vulnerable about your fears, desires, weaknesses, challenges. Conclude in a different state: maybe enlightened, triumphant, defeated, befuddled — changed.

You're ready! Pitch your story here.

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